Privacy Policy

Effective Date: September 1, 2015

This document is intended to inform you about how Lanes use your Personal Data in connection with your use of the proposed Lanes Service. This document is part of the terms and conditions you agreed to before using the Service and comply with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978.


"Data", "Datas", "Personal Data" or "Personal Datas" refers to all data provided by the Customer, including without limitation, photographs, video or audio recordings, and any personal data as understood by Article 2 of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 in force on the date of entry into force of this Privacy Policy. "Policy" or "Privacy Policy" refers to the this privacy policy. "Service" refers to the proposed Lanes its users as defined in the Service Terms.

The Information Collected by Lanes

As part of the implementation of the Service, Lanes needs to collect certain personal data, including but are not limited to:

  • Email address to create an account and the associated password
  • Your bank details that allow us to charge for use of the Service
  • Content elements (eg, photographs, videos, sound recordings, ...) you want to store and / or share through the Service provided by Lanes
  • Your geographic data to geotag your Content (provided that you can always disable this feature)

Use of the Data by Lanes

Lanes has no right to the data you provide for their storage Lanes.

In no event Lanes not disclose your data unless (i) in the case of an explicit agreement on your part, (ii) in case of violation of the Terms of Service may cause a breach of any applicable legislation; (iii) if required by law or by court order, and (iv) in the event of a change of control of Lanes to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Lanes never consult the data you store on their servers and has no right of access to these data. However, Lanes may need to check your data (i) as part of a request for assistance from you require access to your data, (ii) in case of violation of the Terms of Service, ( iv) if required by law or by court order.

Lanes not disclose in any way the data that you store on their servers.

Security and Data Storage

The data you provide to Lanes are stored locally on your computer and on our own hosted on the Microsoft Azure servers. If you live in France, your data will be stored in a data center in Europe. The data published through the Service will therefore be hosted and accessed from said data center.

The security of your data is a priority for Lanes. Lanes agrees to make every effort to ensure the security of data stored on its servers. However, Lanes can not guarantee the full security of data in transit on the Internet whose mastery, by definition, not within the competence of Lanes.

The password you use to access our service is protected by encryption. As a customer, you only have access.

The data you provide to Lanes subject to an encryption operation using SSL encryption. However, Lanes can not assure users of the Service that their data will not be intercepted in the event of hardware or software between your computer and our servers malfunction.

Right of Access

As Customer Service, you can at any time request the modification or deletion of your data by sending a request to

Deleting Your Information

As Customer Service, you remain the owner of your data and can delete them at any time. When you decide to delete your data, they are placed in the trash to be, in turn, emptied to permanently delete the data.

If you choose to cancel your subscription, your data will be kept for one month in order to allow you to activate your subscription to the Service. After a month, your data will be permanently deleted.

Residual copies of your deleted data may remain on our servers for a period of up to one year.

In case of breach of the terms resulting in the termination of your account, delete your data Lanes within a year.

Modification of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be modified at the discretion of Lanes changes in functionality of the Service and applicable laws Lanes activities.

In case of modification of the Privacy Policy, Lanes publish the changes on the Site. Before the entry into force of any amendment, Lanes not notify email users of the Service will be invited to accept or reject the proposed changes.

Lanes considers that the continued use of the Service by users following a change in policy implies acceptance of the changes.

If you disagree with any new policy, users are asked to close their account and cancel their subscription before the entry into force of the new policy.