End User License Agreement

Effective Date: September 1, 2015

Warning: Please read these Terms & Conditions of Service. If you want to become a client, you should read these Terms and Conditions of Use and accept them as part of the subscription process.

The company Kwypesoft (hereinafter "Lanes") offers customers a service that allows them to organize and use all of their information to life through a fun and innovative application that will need them quickly while ensuring the safety and confidentiality of the contents which they can access from any computer terminal connected to the Internet (hereinafter the "Service").

For access to the Service, you must register and carefully follow the instructions on the website edited by Lanes in accordance with these General Terms of Service (hereinafter "TOS" or "General Conditions") which is incorporated Privacy Policy (collectively the "Agreement").

These General Terms of Service are intended to define the conditions under which the client (as defined below) may purchase and access to the Service.

Article 1. Definitions

For the purposes of this Agreement, the following terms should be understood in the sense defined below.

"Subscription" means the subscription to the Service by the Customer which allows him to enjoy the service on a regular basis. "Customer" or "Client" means any person who has accepted these Terms and subscribed to a subscription service. "Content" means all documents of all kinds (including text, photographs, videos, recordings, etc ...) that the Customer deems appropriate store through the Service. "Fee Schedule" means the amount of the fee and terms of payment. It is incorporated herein. "Software" or "Lanes Program" published by the Lanes whose installation is required for use of the Service by the Client software. "Site" means the website published by Lanes.

Article 2. Subject

These Terms and Conditions are intended to define the conditions under which the service is provided by Lanes and used by the Client.

Article 3. Description to Service

The service allows customers to collect elements content of their choice, including without limitation that it photographs, videos, sound recordings, text, or all documents that the client deems appropriate store through the Service .

The service allows customers to give access to third parties such Content.

Service includes Lanes Software products and Internet sites Lanes provides or hosts on its servers.

The customer who purchased a subscription free of charge recognizes that the features and storage spaces may be limited by Lanes, so that the client can not receive a quality of service similar to that offered to customers who purchase a paid subscription. In this regard, the storage capacity will be indicated to the Customer upon subscription of the subscription.

Article 4. Subscription to Service

Access to the Service by the Client requires the creation of an account. To do this, the client communicates Lanes an email address and a password associated. The communication of an email address will allow Lanes communicate information to the Client for an optimum use of the Service.

Communication by the client bank details is also necessary to allow Lanes charge use of the Service and to finalize the subscription of the Subscription.

Access to the Service requires access to the Internet which Lanes is not liable, as Lanes can not be responsible for the purchase of computer terminals with customer needs to use the Service.

Article 5. Duration

As for registration, the Customer has a free trial period of three months. A week before the end of this trial period, it will be offered to the Customer to continue to use the service through a paid subscription. He will be asked to adjust the price of the Subscription. Failing to register a subscription before the end of the trial period, all customer data will be automatically deleted after the expiration of the trial period. It is therefore the Client does not wish to continue Lanes experience to make a copy of its data.

The subscription Lanes is signed for a period of one (1) renewable by the Client year.

Article 6. Price

Use of the Service is subject to payment of a fee according to the fee schedule in effect at the date of purchase by the Customer or the date of renewal of subscription.

Any change in the fee schedule shall be considered a modification of the present and will be notified by e-mail to the Customer two (2) months before its entry into force.

Article 7. Modification of Terms

Lanes reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service in order to maintain the functionality of the Service which are brought by nature to evolve. In case of modification of these, Lanes inform the Customer two (2) months before the entry into force of the amendments by way of publication on the Website Service.

However, it may be that in some situations taking particular with respect to legal obligations, these changes are effective immediately without compliance with the deadline mentioned above.

It is considered that the Customer agrees to the amendment of the General Conditions if he continues to use the service more than ten (10) days after the entry into force of the amendments.

Otherwise, the customer is free to reject the changes and end the present in exchange for payment of the fee for subscription on a pro rata basis.

Article 8. Suspension of Service

Lanes reserves the right to suspend access to the service right without notice or compensation in the event that:

  • Lanes aware of access and / or misuse, fraudulent or unauthorized use (s) of service;
  • Customer Service makes use of nature to prejudice Lanes or third parties.

Article 9. Cancellation

Once the Service suspended Lanes reserves the right to terminate the present without compensation after a formal notice to the Client by registered letter with acknowledgment remained without effect eight (8) days after its receipt.

The Customer may also terminate the present subject to compliance with a notice period of two (2) months. However, in the case of an annual payment of the fee, the customer can not claim a refund on a pro rata use of the Service except in cases where the termination is a direct modification of the General Conditions accordingly.

Article 10. Property

Right on the Content

10.1 The Customer Service is the owner of the Content stored through the Service. The Customer shall remain the holder of all intellectual property rights it holds on the stored contents.

10.2 In order to enable optimal use of the Service Lanes, Customer grants a license free of charge to Lanes allowing it to display, perform, Content within what is necessary to operate the service all devices connected to the Internet known or unknown at the time of the entry into force hereof. To this end, Lanes is authorized by the Client to reproduce the Content and change but only to the extent that technical changes are required to allow access to said content on all devices connected to the Internet.

10.3 This license is granted to the world and for the duration of the subscription.

10.4 The Customer warrants to Lanes that holds all the rights to the Content and / or is authorized by any means whatsoever to use the content it stores through the Service.

10.5 Lanes holds all intellectual property rights it may have on the Service and the Software.

10.6 All texts, comments, illustrations and images, whether visual or audio, contained on the Site and are not the property of the clients are reserved under copyright law, trademark law, patent law, and for the world to benefit Lanes. Any total or partial reproduction of the Site is strictly prohibited, subject to prosecution.

Right on the Service

10.7 Lanes owns all rights and title on the Service including, without limitation, the software for the operation of the Service that are hosted on servers Lanes.

10.8 Lanes pays to use the Service a non-exclusive license (1) year renewable at the initiative of the Customer on payment of the fee as determined by the fee schedule. In order to allow the Customer to use the Service, Lanes it also provides free of charge a non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use the Software Lanes personal, worldwide,.

10.9 Lanes may use software provided by third parties. In doing so, Lanes warrants that the use of these software rights.

Article 11. Modification and updating of the Service and Software

Lanes wishes to propose an optimal service to its customers and may make changes that can affect the operation of the service occasionally and temporarily.

Lanes may carry out software updates on your computer terminals to improve, enhance, repair or extend the service without this list being limiting. The update will be voluntary for the customer who will nevertheless be obliged to accept when the update is for a safety requirement or compliance with its client software for hosted on our servers. In default of acceptance, the Customer's access to the Service will be suspended.

Article 12. Responsibility

Lanes can not be held liable for damage sustained by the Client, including lost profits or information arising from malfunctions, failures, delays or interruptions in access to the Internet.

Responsibility Lanes to the Customer may not be held liable for the facts which would be exclusively responsible.

Responsibility Lanes may be incurred as a result of misuse of the Service by the Client when disputes that customers may raise.

Lanes can not be held responsible for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of the Service, unauthorized access or loss of Customer Content, his account information, its lack of diligence to protect his word password.

The Customer is responsible for it allows access and use of the Content by third parties.

The Customer agrees to indemnify Lanes all claims, liabilities, damages, losses and expenses which emanate from third parties that would result from use of the Service by the Customer.

Article 13. Responsibility of the Service Provider

Lanes is legally bound by any obligation to monitor the Content posted or stored on the Site. The only obligations as host concern our (i) the fight against certain content (advocating crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, child pornography, incitement to violence, 'affront to human dignity), (ii) the retention of your connection data, also covered by professional confidentiality and treated in compliance with the legal requirements and (iii) the removal of all clearly illegal content when we will in fact know.

Article 14. Third Party Services

Lanes may provide links to third party websites or third-party applications through the use of service and support for certain features of the services provided by external companies in the last Service available Lanes.

The Customer acknowledges that Lanes shall in no event be responsible for any malfunctions or unavailability of all these sites, applications and services provided by external companies.

Article 15. Statistics on Service Usage

As part of its policy of continuous improvement of the Service, Lanes inform customers that there will be a statistical analysis of the use of different features of the Service. This analysis will focus on nothing but the contents will be limited to quantify the use of features. In any event, these data will be anonymous.

Article 16. Claims

16.1 Lanes aims to protect intellectual property rights of all clients as well as third parties who may complain of a violation of their intellectual property rights.

In order to prevent any breach of intellectual property rights of third parties, Lanes agrees to meet all claims that are submitted.

However, Lanes do not assume any obligation to support any legal action likely to enforce intellectual property rights of any third parties who are solely responsible for the opportunity to initiate legal action.

16.2 The Customer Service may encounter problems that we invite to submit through our email addresses contact@lanesapp.com and support@lanesapp.com . Lanes enters possible to respond promptly to any claim.

Article 17. Applicable Law

These Terms are governed by French law. In case of disagreement on their interpretation or enforcement of any of its provisions and the absence of agreement between the parties, the French courts will have jurisdiction to hear the dispute.

Article 18. Other

The provisions of these Terms are severable. In the event that any provision of the TOS was declared by a competent, void or unenforceable jurisdiction, the other provisions shall remain valid and retain full effect.