Our Vision

Innovate. Create. Secure. And Symplify.

We create information every day whether it is in our personal or professional life. These informations come from different sources like emails, photo apps or any productivity apps. They may be stored on our phones, laptops, PCs on directories hosted in the "Cloud". It then becomes difficult to find information when we really need it.

Lanes simplify you daily life by allowing you to capture any kind of information called "tooteets" and store them on one or many lanes. Tooteets can then be found quickly through metadatas such as keywords, colors, weather or notation.

Lanes : Capture, Organize, Find everything

Using out-of-the-box widgets, you will be able to capture information that will be stored on your private cloud. The ability offered by the app to create metadata on each information you store, offers a unique opportunity to find information when you really need it.

Lanes is a cloud-based app. Your data are stored on secured servers hosted in North Europe. A geostorage technology ensures that your data are backed up on 2 different data centers accross Europe. The mobile app communicates with Lanes server using SSL protocol to guarantee data encryption and privacy.

Using Lanes is all about capturing, organizing and finding your information when you really need. So what are you waiting for to use lanes?