Capture your moment - as notes, pictures, audios, videos, drawings or
expenses. You can even scan documents!


Organize information on multiple lanes. Keep it private or shared.


Quickly find your tooteets by filtering on keywords, color, weather, media type or importance.


Capture and Archive

Capture the information using a set of applications to create your notes, photos, videos and more.


Eat and keep your information like never before! Your data is stored on one or more lanes with quick search functionnality.


Scan documents and create PDF files that you will store on your different lanes.

Tag your information

Tag your information with keywords, a rating or a color for optimal information retrieval.


Access a user-friendly search interface to find the desired information or rebuild an event thread when you need it.


Go to a real drawing tablet to translate your thoughts in a drawing. Add a background image and draw on it!


Share your lanes by inviting your contacts. Collaborate in an agile manner: your lanes information will immediately be accessible by other members.


Capture your receipts on a day to day basis and keep track of your expenditures. Export when required all the expenses as an Excel file along with all the receipts.


All your data is saved in a private space in the cloud. The communication between your machine and the server is encrypted. You keep full ownership of your data.